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    • 03/2016: HURRY UP: The first mangos of this season arrive on the 9th of April. That's pretty soon! So hurry up and place your order up until March 20th. We sell our delicious mangos from Burkina Faso in 5kg-boxes for 30€ per box. If you wanna be amongst the first to get our tasty mangos this year, get in touch with us.

    • 02/2016: MANGO-TANGO! It has been a looong time waiting since last year, but we're finally approaching the start of the mango season 2016. The weather is fine and the fruits are gorwing fast. YOU CAN PRE-ORDER YOUR MANGOS FROM NOW ON! Deadline for the first delivery: 20th of March. The first arrivel for this year is expected on the 9th of April. Save that date already in your planning. As usual, all the benefits go into our projects to support a good cause. For more information about the mango-project, click on the following link MANGO-TANGO 2016.

    • 01/2016: PROJECT DESERTGRAS: Our project "Desertgras" is still very successfull. In 2015, we startet an Webblog to promote the exchange bewteen students and teachers from Burkina Faso and Luxemburg. Last year, we also financed the manufacturing of new school benches for the school in Gah, where there was a severe lack of benches and the bad condition of the few existing ones.The two school gardens that we startet in 2014 produce fresh, fully organic veggies for the cantines, which have been set up a year before. We evaluated the whole project during the last year, identifying all the weaknesses and potentials. We are still convinced that big progress has already been made, but that we still need to go on and improve the situation. 2016 will be an important year with some interesting developments. For more information about the project, please go to the page "Projects - Desertgras".


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